Technology Labs

6th Grade Lab
HMS students in Technology focus on the Success Maker Program through the National Education Foundation STEM+ Academies Program. This is an independent learning intervention. Success Maker reinforces Math and Reading skills. The students practice and are assessed on old skills as well as new skills that the program instructs as the students gain in their levels.


5th Grade Lab
The students are able to see immediate results from the program and see where their areas of strength and weakness are.
Teachers are able to collect data from the students and use it to share with their teams to help build students foundations for all academic needs and test taking skills.
The students also work on a program called Easy Tech that builds their typing and computer skills. This program allows students to start learning the basics of using the computer all the way through building their own Web Pages and spreadsheets.
7th Grade Lab
Both programs are user friendly and have creative graphics and music as well as fun narrators and games.
These allow the students to not only learn but have fun while they are doing it.
8th Grade Lab


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