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A Few Words About
The Big Red Cares Program

Big Red Cares is aligned with the goals and mission of Business Professional of America to offer quality service projects that motivate our students to invest in our community. Participation in these programs mean that SHS students are engaging in worthwhile projects while having the opportunity to receive recognition. This is a long standing tradition at Steubenville High School to build integrity, heart and kindness with each student.

Our Featured Programs

Our featured programs are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each student's educational pathway.

Guidance Department


Steubenville High School was founded on the principle that by pursuing higher education through our STEM program, community service, and sharing what we learn. Steubenville High School students goal is to make the world a better place starting with our community. For more than 159 years, we haven’t strayed from that vision.



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Service Learning

Community Service
American Cancer Society's SHS Walk-A-Thon raised $10,000 to crush cancer!

Annual Spring Event
Service Learning

Jefferson Co. MRDD - Special Olympics
A day of celebration, games and being together...

Annual Event
Service Learning

Safety Awareness
SHS Student Ambassador helping to keep everyone communicating with Safety Awareness.


Student of the Year
Dedicated to making a positive difference...

During Graduation

Hall of Fame
SHS students goal is to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame through academics, community service and athletics...

Annual Event

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