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As we position to meet the challenges that lie ahead of us in higher education and the economy, a vital part of our investment must be in the whole Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) enterprise – all levels of STEM education and research.

Education through STEM must ensure a steady flow of new ideas and knowledge. Innovation must turn knowledge into new and better ways of doing things for the benefit of all students, and for the community at large using the connections that are intrinsic to quality STEM.

To recognize and take full advantage of the opportunities which STEM provides, Steubenville City Schools will benefit most if there is widespread and general STEM literacy throughout the community, embracing the deep expertise of STEM educators and practitioners in the community.

Wells Academy Lego Projects

HMS Aviation Program

Steubenville High School’s aerospace engineering/aviation program has partnered with NASA to offer an after school program at Harding Middle School. This is a twelve week course that offers hands on projects involving aerospace, physics and STEM.

Aerospace & Aviation at SHS

Steubenville City School’s Career & Technical Education
In Ohio, every high school student has the opportunity to enroll in a career-technical education course of study. This means that in addition to the rigorous academic requirements, students take specific classes in their chosen pathway. The Steubenville High School’s Aviation Program is designed to follow the CTE competencies, taught in a college style classroom that engages students to follow the Engineering Design Processes. The classroom offers state of the art technology and equipment. SHS students can earn college credit. The Aerospace Engineering course is based on the High Schools That Work’s Aerospace Engineering curriculum. This specialized education is delivered right here at Steubenville High School offering a high education at its best to build a better future for all our students.

Dr. Wydra
STEM Academy Director

STEM Academy
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National Education Foundation CyberSTEM+ Merit Academy Award

STEM Programs & Courses

· To promote active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles and behaviors in the home, school and workplace.

· Objectives:
· Introduce essential skills for a broad array of physical activity, encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
· To make exercise fun through the use of our unique digital platform that incorporates physical activity, educational information and the positive social messaging of popular sport governing bodies, athletes and celebrities.
· Align with major advocacy groups, corporations, foundations and institutions that share the common goal of improving the health of America’s youth and communities.
· Provide a platform for end users to combine entertainment, education and fitness, achieving "my health, my fitness, on my time."

Remo Drums

· Healthy Rhythms Curriculum: Series of percussion instruments and curriculum designed to release energy and express emotion through art.

· This curriculum utilizes dolls as a way to express themselves and identify emotions by assigning various feelings to dolls.

The HOPSports Training System (HTS)
· A turn-key physical education interactive system used in your physical education classes and elsewhere. It features a library of pre-loaded PE and wellness content that on a computer, a projector, speakers, and a remote. All the technology exists on a moveable cart so that it may be transported in and out of the gym and stored properly.

SuccessMaker® is an adaptive software program that provides individualized interventions for students. SuccessMaker® has an internal process called the Initial Placement Motion (IPM) during which students are assessed by the program. The IPM reveals the current Math and Reading level of each student and provides a trajectory of use toward grade level. Students participate in 15- to 20-minute sessions. The number of sessions is determined by the level of intervention needed for the student and there is no "daily" requirement. However, the intensity and duration of intervention should be strategically determined in order for students to move to grade level quickly.

Middle School and High School:
Career Technical Programs:

· Agriculture and Environmental Systems
· Aerospace Engineering
· Aviation
· Transportation Systems
· Manufacturing Technologies
· Interactive Media
· Video Production
· Media Arts
· Visual Design and Imaging
· Business Administration
· Marketing and Management
· Allied Health and Nursing
· Health Technologies
· Athletic Training
· Education and Training
· Family and Consumer Science
· Hospitality and Tourism
· Criminal Justice

Harding Middle School
Minecraft: With over 67 million copies sold, Minecraft ranks just ahead of the Oregon Trail as the top Educational Video Game franchise of all time. Minecraft, or "Virtual Legos" to some, is a sandbox game that allows students to manipulate and engineer their environment. MinecraftEDU has partnered with now owner Microsoft to provide a series of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) lessons for teachers to use with their students using Minecraft.

NASA Aeronautics Program
NASA Out of School Learning Network (NOSL Network) leverages a proven STEM engagement model and evidence-based strategies to build capacity of Youth Serving Organizations and formal and informal education institutions (such as museums) to implement quality STEM education programming. The curriculum modules will include: engineering design challenges, inquiry-based lessons and resources, and citizen science recommendations. The NOSL Network includes a time-tested model of evidence-based strategies to increase STEM engagement among middle school students.

iLit delivers a research-proven instructional model through a groundbreaking mobile instructional system, making it accessible, adaptive, and engaging for today’s teachers and students. iLit uses a gradual release approach. First, the teacher models an instructional skill, such as using textual evidence to make inferences. Then, the teacher guides the class as they work together to practice the skill. Students then apply the skill at their own level on adaptive activities. The iLit instructional model is broken into 6 daily stages. iLit students gain on average 2+ years of reading growth in a single year through an engaging, research-based pedagogy, state of the art technology, and best practice teaching.