English - Language Arts (ELA)

Students in Emily Pearson's English Language Arts class proudly display their creative writing assignments featuring personification.As students wrapped up a unit on figurative language they paired up and each chose an inanimate object or idea to write about. Students were challenged to use at least five examples of personification in their paragraph saluting and praising the chosen topic. Topics ranged from candy, to 2-hr delay days, to a beach vacation, to no homework nights. One pair thanks a beach vacation from "rescuing" us from the harsh winters of Ohio, while another pair praised a 2-hr delay day for "feeding" us with joy, and another pair salutes no homework nights for "consulting" and "persuading" teachers to free students from academic responsibilities for the night.
Pictured back row left to right; Mason Stoll, Abbey Shultz, Zoe Martin, Jada Hubbard, Zach Smith, Antonio Lulla, Corey Cooper, Parker Kelley, Maeve Grey, Karly Mackey, Landyn Swickard, Sabrina Underwood, and Bryce Huff. Front row left to right; Kayliyah Simmons, Sydney Matyas, Alli Miller, Sophia Riley, John Dettorre, Frankie Vostatek, and Kasey Crosier.